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First of all, you need to understand what Paid Ads are to really help make the decision to go on paying for advertising or not. Paid advertising refers to any kind of methods a brand uses to target valuable customers based on their interest or previous connection with the brand, it is also a medium where companies pay a publisher like a search engine or website owner each time someone clicks or views their ads in a search result on a website, on social media or digital platform.

Companies use advertisement as part of a marketing program to increase sales…

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A sales lead is an individual or company that could purchase your company’s goods or services. A lead becomes a prospect once you’ve identified their level of interest and fit as a customer for your business. You can use different methods to identify sales leads, including advertising and marketing, cold calling, social media, referrals, outreach and networking, consultations, and product/service trials.

Most businesses depend on adding to their customer base to grow their business. One major way to accomplish this goal is to ensure that your business receives a regular stream of quality leads.

If you run a small business…

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Facebook advertising is one of the most efficient ways to connect with your audience on the world’s largest social network. This is because Facebook’s micro-targeting features give you amazing access to scale your right audience, this means that Facebook ads can get your message right in front of the people who are most likely to want your products or service

Ads are targeted to consumers based on their location, demographic, and profile information. Many of these options are seen only on Facebook. When you create an ad, you set a budget and bid for each click or thousand impressions that…

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Email marketing has various definitions based on a different opinion by experts but I love the one that says “Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising messages to an audience”. Email marketing is an efficient way to ensure that small businesses can reach out to their customers, grow their customer base, and build their reputation.

Most of all, managing an email campaign is easier than most people imagine because email marketing allows you to build relationships with leads, customers and past customers. It’s your opportunity to speak…

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Email marketing campaigns will assist your small business to develop awareness, loyalty, desire and trust with its consumers. This form of marketing can be used to retain as well as engage existing consumers. Also, it can as well assist you in establishing new clients.

Here are a few of the many ways in which a well-established email marketing campaign can benefit small businesses.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Email marketing campaigns are usually very cost-effective. Basically, directing marketing strategies will require you to have a decent amount of cash in order to use them effectively. This is because you will be generating real content…

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There are 3 thing every entrepreneur has in common, the good times, the bad times and the sad times.

If nothing is constant in the world of running your own business, then this is one thing that no one can change or total control.

Your business will occasionally spiral out of your control and most times, this is not going to be for good. Your start could hit a state of zero clients and you start imagining all types of bad things that could happen.

Your brand could get bad feedback from a difficult client and this could make you…

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Losing your SAAS/Membership customers could be painful, or maybe not.

As the years go by, we must have all noticed the increase in competition in whatever niche we find ourself and this is something everyone can testify to.

This development has also brought a decrease in customer loyalty and an increase in churn rate because they can just jump on the next Ad they see that is for your biggest competitors and then next month, they opt out of your service… Forever.

This is probably a common story for most membership/SAAS platform owners because customers are always looking for the…

What’s your business: Are you selling a subscription service or a membership?

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Having customer pay you monthly is the cool part about having a subscription service application but what happens when you want more?

By more, I mean this… If you rely on new customers every time to be able to make good bucks on your platform then you are pissing off on gold.

Don’t just run a subscription service

You charge them a fee, they get it. They use your platform like every other subscription they have and when they are tired, they close their account with you.


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We all are familiar with selling and what it’s all about.

You go out on the street into a market and everyone is trying to sell you something. This is typical to everyone no matter where we live in the world. I used to hate when people try to sell to me because they are being too loud and too pushy most times.

Well… What if they could sell to me without talking, what of there was a way to effectively sell without being a loud mouth.

The most powerful sales tool is words, written words. This will be a…

Hey guys,

What’s going on. Today, I want to talk about Social Media Marketing, yeah I know its unlike me.

Marketing your product or brand can be very tedious and rough. In a modern world with a lot of competition and distraction from several contents online, finding the right post to gain engagement is like trying to find the proverbial ‘pin’ in a haystack. The other day I spent over 6hours trying to find the perfect Image to use for a promotion and guess what, I couldn’t. It’s a game of multiple back and forth.

I decided to go into…

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